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spectrum , July 18th, 2007

If you're an engineer who designs portable devices, you know how important it is to keep informed about the lastest innovations in battery cells, power management ICs and battery charger ICs. In this Webinar, learn about safer battery chemistries, high-power batteries, battery authentication techniques, accurate state-of-charge measurement, thermal management, microcontroller architectures for battery chargers, and fast charge regimens. Industry experts will also discuss how new portable power technologies can improve performance and reduce the cost of portable devices.


David Nierescher
CTO and founder, SelfCHARGE division, Micro Power Electronics

Robin Sarah Tichy, Ph.D.
Technical Marketing Manager, Micro Power Electronics

Who should attend:

  • Design engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Project managers

Register now for this Webinar!

Moderator: Ron Schneiderman

Author, The Mobile Technology Question & Answer Book — A Survival Guide for Business Managers and Technology Lost — Hype and Reality in the Digital Age
Contributing editor, Electronic Design and Vision magazines
Founding Editor, Wireless Systems Design magazine

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