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استاد محترم، دکتر افضلیان سه مقاله زیر را برای علاقه مندان معرفی کرده اند:

European NRENs Establish 'Bandwidth-on-Demand'
The first user-requested, high-speed dynamic circuit was demonstrated between Ireland and Greece by the European National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), which says the "bandwidth-on-demand" system allows users to request network capacity according to their needs. The trial involved a dedicated, end-to-end, one-gigabit ethernet circuit between two end-user workstations, spanning the infrastructure of GRNET, the Greek NREN; the pan-European network GÉANT2; and the Irish NREN, HEAnet. In the trial, two workstations were interconnected through the circuit, offering a data transmission speed 1,000 times faster than a commercial one-megabyte-per-second ASDL line for the transmission of high-resolution video. The demonstration, according to NRENs, is the result of research into a novel communication networks' service architecture, tailored to the needs of the multi-domain, multi-technology pan-European Research and Education community. Known as the "AutoBAHN" (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogeneous Networks) architecture, the technology allows authorized end-users to directly access network resources from their workstation, wherever it is located in Europe.
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1-Kilometer Bluetooth Debuts
A new Bluetooth wireless module with a one kilometer line-of-sight range has been debuted by the British-based firm EZURiO. The new module is the size of a postage stamp, includes an omni-directional antenna, and has total power consumption of less than 700 milliwatts. Most current Bluetooth modules have a range of nine to 30 meters, and while the majority of consumers do not need kilometer-range Bluetooth connectivity, the new module does provides a very stable and robust platform when used indoors. Read more
New Study Finds IEEE Journals Rank High in Quality Content
IEEE has once again earned high scores from the ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR), a study that looks at the influence academic journals have on research within their disciplines. Published by Thomson ISI, the report ranks journals by their impact factor - which is the average number of times articles published over the last two years were cited in the most recent year. The 2006 report, released in June of 2007 shows IEEE continuing to lead the field with the high quality and relevant content published in IEEE journals.

According to the JCR, IEEE publishes:

  • seventeen of the top 20 journals in the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 
  • ten of the top 10 journals in Telecommunications
  • seven of top 10 journals in Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture 
  • seven of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Information Systems 
  • nine of top 20 journals in Computer Science, Software Engineering    

IEEE also has high-ranking journals in several additional fields of technology including the # 1 journal in Imaging Science & Photographic Technology, the # 1 journal in Automation Control, as well as journals ranked among the top 3 for Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science - Interdisciplinary Applications, Computer Science - Theory & Methods, Manufacturing Engineering, Nuclear Science & Technology, Ocean Engineering, Remote Sensing and Robotics. Read more

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