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Distributed Generation - Integration, Interconnection & Standards


Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 13:00

Duration / timezone

1 hour / Europe Standard Time (Brussels)


Frederik Groeman, KEMA


Traditionally electricity networks have been built to transport electrical energy generated by large, central placed, power production units. The new, relatively small, distributed generation (DG) units are usually connected to distribution networks, not designed to host power generators. Most studies confirm that 10-15% penetration of DG can easily be absorbed in the electricity network without major structural changes.

DG is emerging as a promising electricity generating technology for a number of reasons. Three independent trends are currently laying the groundwork for the possible widespread adoption of DG:

  • Utility industry restructuring
  • The political will to increase the use of RES (Renewable Energy Sources)
  • And technology advancements

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